GCX 患者监护解决方案旨在改进与患者和如今移动设备的临床互动。安全而且有保障地使用 EMR 变得空前便捷。

面向患者监护推出安装解决方案是 GCX 业务的核心使命。我们开始针对患者监护系统提供解决方案之时恰逢医疗设备占用空间越来越小,足以让医院考虑将它们变得更具移动性和/或在墙壁或其他表面上安装。

随着医疗设备技术,包括医生与其互动方式的不断发展,GCX 也不断改进,开始设计并打造相应的解决方案,以期满足患者监护系统及其附属装置的各种硬件配置。安装患者监护系统有大量重要方面需要优先考虑,其中就包括安全和可靠性,GCX 安装解决方案能够满足医疗机构在所有临床环境下对人体工学和工作流程的需要。



All GCX mounting solutions are designed and manufactured under the umbrella of our ISO 13485 and 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System.  We understand the importance of mounting when it comes to the safety of the clinicians who use the devices as well as patients and their families commonly in proximity.


GCX solutions are available and in-service worldwide.  GCX is the first choice for many medical device manufacturers.  Our breadth and depth of products and expertise, plus our global footprint, are unparalleled.


We appreciate your interest in our solutions and look forward to an opportunity to be of service.