GCX 的内窥镜解决方案将内窥镜设备、显示器、配件和电脑硬件集成在一个设计独特的装置内,可支持多个用户。

GCX 针对定位技术和优化内窥镜检查室工作流程提供全套解决方案。我们“尺寸恰到好处”的滑轮车和其他解决方案完全可配置,并且符合人体工学的设计可集成各种内窥镜设备和 IT 硬件。这些产品被设计为可支持多个用户。

主要产品是专门针对医疗环境打造的 GCX 内窥镜工作站。工作站以极小的占地面积提供超大的工作台面,十分适合用于胃肠镜检查、支气管镜检查和手术。

Endoscopy Workstation

Easy to use and move

  • Easily grasped handles and a lightweight design provide for smooth maneuvering.
  • Six-inch casters allow cart to glide along different flooring.
  • An oversized top work surface can easily handle an endoscope.
  • Flip-down keyboard trays with mouse pad can be mounted in a variety of ways.

Ample space for components

  • A compact footprint takes up minimal space in a crowded environment.
  • Trays provide ample space for procedure components.
  • Bottom tray can also hide a power strip or isolation transformer.
  • Lightweight rear covers provide concealment and easy equipment access.

Cable Management

  • Advanced cable management features manage and conceal the cables, making it easier to keep the cart looking clean and professional.
  • Cables can be accessed for service, replaced, and re-concealed within minutes.
  • No tools required.

Medical-grade / Durable

  • High quality medical-grade construction, designed to perform through 10-15 years of constant use.
  • Tolerates repeated exposure to the cleaning agents and disinfectants typically used by hospitals.


We appreciate your interest in our solutions and look forward to an opportunity to be of service.