Save Time and Money: Standardize

February 27, 2020 in Medical Mounting Solutions

There are numerous reasons hospitals prefer to work with just one vendor, particularly when it comes to products that support and position technologies like IT equipment and medical devices. The benefits often boil down to three main areas: cost, convenience and conformity.


Standardizing with a single manufacturer lowers a health system’s total cost of ownership in a number of ways.

  • Maintenance and service downtime-related costs are reduced because you have an established relationship covering several solutions, versus tracking down different service and support teams for each product vendor.
  • That same streamlined approach helps project management run smoothly—meaning fewer cost overruns, missed deadlines or unanticipated “hiccups” that drive up charges.


Fleets belonging to one manufacturer are easier to maintain and service since everyone on site is familiar with the equipment. Other time savings come from:

  • Easily interchanging or repurposing parts since components work together.
  • More efficient tech refreshes since upgrades can be simultaneously done across a suite of products, not just a specific point solution.
  • Training is easier to provide with everyone using the same medical manufacturer’s equipment.
  • Streamlined procurement simplifies the process since there are fewer vendors or points of contact.
  • Hassle-free installations and equipment audits that alleviate internal bandwidth issues and other potential bottlenecks for IT and biomed departments. Using a medical manufacturer with a lot of experience in healthcare means installers work with staff to minimize operational disruptions that otherwise can slow both the installation and patient care.


While the other two benefits show up in better bottom lines and improved productivity, the pleasing aesthetics from mounts, carts, over-bed tables, roll stands and mobile workstations with the same coloration and surface material has its own rewards.

  • The uniformity of products in a room or unit creates a clean, modern, state-of-the-art care environment that impresses patients and providers.
  • Clinician familiarity with all of the mounting equipment in a room means they can access technology in a consistent way, regardless of their location within a hospital or medical practice. This can improve workflows while reducing ergonomic-related injuries.
  • Use of medical-grade materials throughout helps with infection control. Surfaces are easily cleaned and hold up to hospital sanitation protocols; proper cable management further reduces the spread of germs.

When working with GCX, healthcare organizations have the additional benefit of a five-year warranty on all products and the assurance that comes from working with a company that has served the industry for almost 50 years. Call us today to determine how you can save money, time, and installation or maintenance frustrations while also impressing all who walk through your doors.