Medical Technology: The Bridge to Better Patient Care

December 11, 2015 in Medical Mounting Solutions, Patient Engagement Table, Patient Experience, Tablets

Hospitalizations can be traumatic experiences, whether a visit is planned or not. Patients find themselves surrounded by unfamiliar equipment — monitors to track their vital signs and devices that help administer treatment. It may be reassuring to know that the best technology available is being applied to help improve their situation. But this same technology can intrude, making it difficult for one to rest, increasing the concerns of already anxious visiting family members.

GCX works to physically integrate technology into the care environment in such a way that a caregiver can use it effectively and comfortably, and a patient can rest and heal. Clinicians today guide patients through a healing process that is becoming increasingly collaborative. Workflows are evolving. The hardware that mounts technology in these care areas must be flexible, adaptable and, of course, perform safely and reliably.

As the leader in the research, development and manufacture of medical mounting solutions, we are a vendor to more than 400 medical device manufacturers. As such, we have a front-row seat to many of their innovations. We regularly visit hospitals to explore the needs of patients and clinicians, and then head back to our design labs and fabrication plants to create ideal solutions.

After almost 45 years in the field, we’re ready to start sharing some of those insights from our corner of the medical community. In shedding light on important issues, we hope to help improve the patient experience and to empower clinicians and administrators working in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Understanding a Community’s Concerns

One reason we’re uniquely qualified to discuss a wide range of medical technology topics is because GCX products are in 5,000 hospitals across the United States (and many more worldwide). This ubiquity allows our staff to stay in regular contact with hospital personnel fervently committed to providing the best patient care. That passion is contagious; GCX team members return from on-site visits with renewed dedication to create improved solutions.

The most recent example is our new over-bed table that allows patients and their visitors to more easily use mobile devices, particularly tablets. The Patient Engagement Table came about because we saw – literally – a need for such a table while visiting our hospital users. Patients needed a better way to use their tablets while bedbound, so we created a table with an adjustable mount for tablets. Their family and friends wanted a safe, easy way to recharge their phones, so we added an optional charging station to the table so no one has to step over charge cords or head down the hall in search of an electrical outlet.

Aiming for Patient Satisfaction and Empowerment

Measuring levels of patient satisfaction is an increasingly important metric within healthcare systems. Hospitals – and by extension, those of us in the medical instrument field – seek a more precise understanding of both patient satisfaction and empowerment, so we can seamlessly integrate new technologies into the hospital room to help achieve these objectives.

That’s what drives us at GCX. Since beginning operations in 1971, we’ve been guided by one overriding principle: Start with what the user needs and work back. By remaining resolutely user-centric, we can design products that enhance the patient’s hospital experience, but also remain as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

And we’re grateful that the organizations we partner with feel the same way.