Improving the Maternity Experience for Moms, Care Providers … and IT and Biomedical Engineering

August 20, 2018 in Fetal Monitoring

It’s the little things that make a big difference in hospital labor and delivery departments. In this case, we’re talking about small but powerful work surface lights on our new Fetal Monitor Workstation. L&D nurses love the lights, especially those working the night shift, because they can chart and administer medications without having to turn on harsh overhead lights that can disturb a resting mom.

Nurses and other clinicians also love other updates to the mobile Fetal Monitor Workstation that is showing up in more hospitals around the country. Those features include:

  • A work surface that gives clinicians space to prepare meds, hold additional supplies such as gel bottles, pens and tocos.
  • Better positioning so it’s easier for nurses, physicians and clinicians to access tocos and other patient leads as well as read results on the fetal monitor screen.
  • Drawers now located just below a fetal monitor for quicker access to supplies.
  • Adjustable compartments within the drawers to keep supplies organized.
  • More ergonomic computer workstation positioning options—either the left or right side of the cart to accommodate different-height users who are either standing or sitting.
  • Added storage on the base to hide more computer equipment.
  • Additional wood look on trays and a curvier cart profile to help make a delivery room feel less sterile and more home-like.

Nurses tell us they like that they can sit or stand at the computer, and that there are more easily accessed drawers that can be sized and organized as needed. Several also say our Fetal Monitor Workstation is much easier to move around compared to wooden carts more common in previous generations. Importantly, our Fetal Monitor Workstation is easier to clean and built with medical-grade materials that withstand years of daily hospital cleanser use.

Of course, we don’t just hear from frontline healthcare providers. We also pay close attention to biomedical engineers and IT techs when we design a GCX product. They too are enjoying benefits of the Fetal Monitor Workstation, including cable management guides that make cables less visible but still easy to remove, providing quicker serviceability if the monitoring equipment goes down and needs to be replaced. This means IT and biomed staff aren’t in a maternity room any longer than needed – a relief to both patients and staff.

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