GCX at HIMSS 2019
GCX at HIMSS 2019

Let's Connect at HIMSS20

GCX, the leading provider of medical instrument
and IT mounting solutions

While you’re attending the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition March 9–13, 2020 in Orlando, be sure to stop by Booth #2679 to learn how our expanding line of Patient Engagement products help support your health systems’ patient experience initiatives.

Our team of experts can help your facility safely mount medical devices and tablets. GCX mounting solutions provides flexible and ergonomic workstations for every point of care.

See you at HIMSS20!

GCX at HIMSS 2019 Orlando

HIMSS20 Exhibition Hours:
Tuesday, March 10th 10am - 6pm
Wednesday, March 11th 9:30am - 6pm
Thursday, March 12th 9:30am - 4pm

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GCX 一直专门为全球医疗行业打造医疗设备安装解决方案,如今已经拥有 45 年以上的丰富经验。GCX 的产品可靠、耐用、易清洁而且安全,模块化设计全球简捷、具成本效益的升级,可调式定位可提升工作流程和用户舒适度。


  • 45 年来久经考验,名副其实的行业领导者
  • 备受医疗设备制造商信任
  • 通过 ISO 13485 认证


  • GCX 销售团队提供现场咨询
  • 产品和组件享受 5 年质保
  • 卓越的技术支持


  • 坚固耐用,能承受任何环境状况
  • 支持数十种医疗设备
  • 模块化设计,可在任何区域使用;轻松升级