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Case Study: Getting a Clear Picture of Compounding Areas

August 17, 2021 in Case Studies, Custom Solutions, EMR Hardware

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Leaders of a major health system based in Wisconsin and Illinois wanted to integrate photo documentation into their pharmacies’ electronic health records. The new requirement and spatial constraints of their...

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CASE STUDY: Health System Seeks Better Way to Use Portable Ultrasound Device

March 30, 2020 in Custom Solutions, Medical Devices, Mobile Devices, Tablets

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The Philips Lumify is a portable ultrasound device with multiple transducers that enables users to simply download a mobile application onto a smart device, plug in the transducer, and go....

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Helping ECG Device Makers Create Optimal Workflows

January 28, 2020 in Custom Solutions, Medical Devices, Medical Mounting Solutions

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The cardiograph is a staple medical device within health organizations. Better known as an EKG or ECG, this common diagnostic tool is used to detect heart defects or monitor cardiac...

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Making More ‘Headway’ in Hospital Room Design

November 22, 2016 in Custom Solutions, Headwalls, Medical Devices, Medical Mounting Solutions

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So often when we go into a patient room to demo GCX products, we discover that there are space limitations that make the safe and ergonomic use of medical devices...

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Paralyzed Patients Use Technology to Engage with their Care Team and Families

March 24, 2016 in Custom Solutions, Patient Engagement Table, Patient Experience

Not long ago, GCX unveiled a new Patient Engagement Table, a hospital-grade over-bed table with an adjustable arm that places a tablet or other electronic device in easy-to-use positions for...

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