GCX assists VCU Health with patient engagement cart to help tetraplegia patients regain independence

Tetraplegia patients can now take new steps toward independence while in the hospital. By implementing a specially designed cart inspired by the new GCX Patient Engagement Table, Virginia Commonwealth University Health System has enabled long-term ICU patients to use mobile devices to connect to support systems and engage in their recovery. 

The unique patient engagement system supports a laptop directly overhead of immobile patients and uses eye-gazing technology that allows the eye to operate like a mouse to access websites, social media and other computer- and web-based data. This enables patients to learn about their condition, research equipment they’ll need once back at home, and participate in other activities that help them feel engaged in their care and connected to the world outside. 

Kent Hochgertle, who manages new business development at GCX, commented, Independence is an important, meaningful component of patient care. To give someone back their independence speeds up their recovery and eases their transition back into home life and beyond.” 

The specially designed Patient Engagement System allows patients to resume making independent choices (such as what kind of ambient music to play in their room), to return to leisure activities such as ordering movies, and to connect with support systems by making a Skype or Facetime call and writing and emailing letters. 

The eye gaze technology was there previously, but until now, we lacked the means to deliver it,” notes Jerry A. Langford, the senior systems administrator and OR Information Systems Infrastructure Team Lead for VCU Health’s PeriSurgical Services. That’s all changed with the use of GCX’s Patient Engagement System.” 

To learn more about the VCU project, read the success story and visit the GCX blog. VCU Health also has published a video showing the cart in use at its medical center. For more information on the GCX Patient Engagement Table, contact Kevin Merritt, Director of Marketing, at (800) 228-2555, ext. 713.

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