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Cable Management

VHM-P™ and VHM-PL™ enable easier cleaning, provides simple access for service, and creates a professional-looking installation.

  • Up to eight (8) cables can be accommodated
  • Eighty percent (approx.) of cabling is concealed
  • Covers can be easily removed and reinstalled


The arm moves smoothly into place at every point across its full range of motion for optimal positioning and viewing.

  • Seamless, unibody construction
  • Swivel/​tilt and pivot-tension adjustments and parallel linkage for consistent viewing angle
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Handle-Actuated Lock (Locking version only)

For quick and safe vertical repositioning of the mounted device without interrupting workflow. The handle also facilitates one-handed positioning.

Handle grip that initiates, and arrests, the arm’s gas spring-assisted vertical movement

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Durability and Cleanability

Withstands constant use and cleaning regimens to outlast generations of devices. Easy to keep clean to fight the spread of infection.

  • Medical-grade arm
  • Strong, seamless, chemically resistant materials including die-cast aluminum
  • Enclosed cables and pivot points
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  • Vertical range: 16″ /​40.6 cm total travel
  • Lateral range: +/- 90 degrees
  • Load range (VHM-P): 15 – 30 lbs /​6.8 – 13.6 kg or 25 – 45 lbs /​11.3 – 20.4 kg
  • Max Mounting Plate Load: 30 lbs /​13.6 kg
  • Load range (VHM-PL): 11 – 30 lbs /​5.0 – 13.6 kg or 20 – 45 lbs /​9.1 – 20.4 kg
  • Max Mounting Plate Load: 30 lbs /​13.6 kg
  • Product weight: 9.5 lb /​4.3 kg (locking) or 9.4 lb /​4.3 kg (nonlocking)
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Medical Device Solutions

Move devices precisely for maximum efficiency.

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Computer Hardware Solutions

Easily position equipment to enhance user comfort.

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OEM Services

Use as the foundation of your custom configuration.

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